Last week Apple announced several new products including the iPhone SE and a new iPad. If you look at the charts for the Apple stock, you’ll see that it has been steadily rising in the past month in anticipation of the announcement event. These kind of real life events are a huge influence on the stock price. It’s very important to focus on real life things when you’re looking for stocks to invest in.

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Wacom Intuos Art Creative Pen & Touch Tablet


The Wacom Intuos Art Pen and Touch digital graphics, drawing & painting tabletis a drawing pad that’s compatible with most computers. It comes with a tablet and a stylus, and allows the user to easily draw digital artwork. The tablet can be used like a computer mouse and comes with an art program upon purchase. It’s very expensive though, and I would only recommend this for anyone who is serious about art and electronics. I had a ton of fun using it and definitely will use it often.

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The Apple Macbook

The new Apple MacBookwas released last year alongside the Macbook Air and the Macbook Pro. Personally, I love the Macbook. It has a sleek design and hundreds of great features. The keyboard can be illuminated and the laptop even comes in three different colours. Everything about it is carefully designed for the user. It’s extremely thin and super light, but still the perfect size. In fact, I’m writing this on a Macbook right now. I was only disappointed by two things. It’s hard to navigate from window to window once something goes into full screen and I was also disappointed that the laptop didn’t come with Siri or any variation of it. By now I would expect Siri to be included in all Apple electronics. In my opinion the laptop scored a perfect ten out of ten for it’s originality and ease of usage. I would definitely recommend this laptop over any other laptop on the market. Everything about it is perfect. Once again, Apple has exceeded my expectations.

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