The Montreal Museum of Fine Arts


The Montreal Museum of Fine Arts is an art museum in Montreal (as you could probably tell by the name of the museum). The Museum exhibits a wide range of art including both modern art and traditional portrait style art. When I visited the museum I joined a tour with many others. The tour was very well done, anyone who enjoys art will find this museum interesting. Although I was sick when I visited, I had a nice experience and the tour guide was very friendly. The tour highlighted the changes in art throughout history and the difficulty some artists go through when they introduce another form of art. Overall I had fun at this museum and would return again to see some new exhibits or participate in another tour.

That’s all for now, Ben


The Montreal Biodome

Biodome_de_MontrealThe Montreal biodome is an enormous indoor ecosystem that holds penguins, fish, birds, and many other animals. It’s fun to explore the giant building. Some sections were very interesting like the penguin exhibit and the huge fish tank. But compared to other parts, some sections of the building weren’t very fascinating, although most places were very attention grabbing and great for kids.


I spent about an hour and a half here before running out of things to do, and I’d likely recommend the biodome to almost everyone visiting Montreal. The building itself is really cool to visit and the place where the Montreal Olympic games were held is literally less than 100 metres from this building. Kids will love the biodome, as well as their parents the second they get the chance to visit.

That’s all for now, Ben