The Crayola Easy Animation Studio


According to Crayola, the Crayola Color Alive Easy Animation Studio
Crayola Easy Animation Studio makes it easy for any kid to create animations and allows the child to design their own characters to animate, but it was anything but easy. Crayola almost never disappoints me with their products, but this was difficult and unpleasant to use. Crayola makes the product look easy and lots of fun and I thought it would be until after I downloaded the animation app. The app is supposed to track the movements of an adjustable figure, but it takes a lot of work to adjust the figure so that the electronic you’re using can actually “read” the markings on it and replace them with a semi-user designed character.  I did not enjoy using this toy, I cannot believe that it won an award as it was a complete disappointment.

Thats all for now, Ben

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Foundations of a Great Company – Mattel

Company Name: Mattel

Ticker Symbol: MAT

Founder(s): Harold Matson, Elliot Handler, Ruth Handler

CEO: Christopher Sinclair


In 1945 Harold Matson and Elliot Handler started Mattel, a company that sold picture frames. Matson later sold his part in the company to Elliot Handler and Ruth, Elliot’s wife, took over Matson’s role. The company went on to sell dollhouse furniture and is now one of the biggest toy companies in the world. You may know them for their popular Barbie dolls or Hot Wheels cars. Last year alone they made $6 billion. The company even made it’s way into the S&P 500. The current CEO once worked as the CEO of Pepsi Co meaning he has plenty of experience. The company has about 31 000 employees and is still growing. Mattel has $1.8 billion in debt, but as of this post being published, the company is worth over $11 billion. With the money they made last year they could have payed off their debt 3 times and still have had some money left over. I actually thought this was such a strong company that I invested in it several weeks ago and it has gone up since then. I would definitely invest in this company if I were you, but don’t just take my advice. Even some of the worlds best stock traders are wrong about certain companies. You should always do your research before investing in any company.

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