The Top 5 Pixar Movies of all Time


5. Wall-E


4. Toy Story


3.Inside Out


2. Finding Nemo


  1. Ratatouilleratatouille.jpg

The Wok Box

Wok box.jpg

The Wok Box is an Asian cuisine, fast-food restaurant.They sell several different items in boxes for takeout. We decided to try this place after seeing similar food on The Big Bang Theory. When I first arrived I was disappointed by the menu items available. None of them really seemed tasty to me and they didn’t look that different from one another. I ended up ordering the Butter Chicken, which I felt was pretty overpriced. It was about $7 for a small box and the large was $15. The service took a long time. After waiting a about 10 minutes, the food finally was ready. The meal was good, although I didn’t feel like it was worth the money. My medium sized box came with a lot of food in it but most of it was just rice. I was disappointed by this place and likely won’t return. I’d recommend trying this restaurant if you never have before but otherwise I’d go somewhere else.

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I’m a $hareholder Kit

The I’m a Shareholder Kit is an investing book written by Rick Roman. The book  covers lot’s of stock market terms. Although I’ve gone over a lot of them in previous posts, it may still be helpful to read. Each page covers a different aspect of the stock market, and some of the content in the book I haven’t covered, so it may be useful for you to read the book. The way the information is worded is a bit childish but it does get the message across in a simple way. I would recommend this book to any kid who’s interested in the stock market. It’s probably the best kids investing book I’ve read in a while.

That’s all for now, Ben is a language learning website that is free and easy to use. It’s a remarkably easy way to learn over 15 languages for FREE. It’s also a great resource to use before travelling to somewhere that speaks a language other than English. You can learn a significant amount of any language by using the website and it’s very quick. I’ve been using the website for quite some time now. The design of Duolingo is impressively well thought out and languages come in an easy to learn format. The only negative to the website is that it mostly only works on reading and writing. The listening and hearing aspect of language isn’t the main focus of duolingo but the company is trying to work on that. I’d use this website before travelling anywhere to become familiar with the native language before going.

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Apples to Apples (Game)

ob007.jpgApples to Apples is the endlessly fun game of comparisons. To play, a judge selects a card with a describing word, such as Silly, then all the players select a word card that matches it such as clown, elephant, or Breakfast. The judge decides which one matches best and the person who placed that card gets a point. It might sound a little bit boring, but it’s actually a lot of fun. Playing the game at Christmas and Thanksgiving has been a family tradition for us for three or four years. The game can get really funny, and is easy to learn for everyone. The one thing I don’t like about it is that after about 45 minutes the game starts to get boring. I enjoy playing the game a lot and would recommend it for family events involving 6 or more people. The game comes in several versions including the original, Junior, Disney, Sour Apples to Apples, Big Picture Apples to Apples (Instead of words, pictures are used), and Party Box Apples to Apples.

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The Montreal Biodome

Biodome_de_MontrealThe Montreal biodome is an enormous indoor ecosystem that holds penguins, fish, birds, and many other animals. It’s fun to explore the giant building. Some sections were very interesting like the penguin exhibit and the huge fish tank. But compared to other parts, some sections of the building weren’t very fascinating, although most places were very attention grabbing and great for kids.


I spent about an hour and a half here before running out of things to do, and I’d likely recommend the biodome to almost everyone visiting Montreal. The building itself is really cool to visit and the place where the Montreal Olympic games were held is literally less than 100 metres from this building. Kids will love the biodome, as well as their parents the second they get the chance to visit.

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Jaro Palace Royal Hotel (Quebec City)

I recently stayed in the Palace Royal hotel while on vacation. The room I stayed in had a sofa bed as well as a queen sized bed. The room included a small fridge as well as a fairly large bathroom. The desk space was convenient for anyone who needs somewhere to work and the TV’s in both the main room and the bedroom were great for entertainment purposes. One very interesting part of the hotel was that about half of the rooms had a balcony view of the indoor pool, although for some reason the door to the balcony was locked in my room.

Balcony View of Pool

The hotel featured a very small fitness centre, a tropical garden, and a nice restaurant with a buffet. It was in a great location within walking distance of the wall the surrounds Vieux-Quebec (Old Quebec). The biggest benefit of the hotel was definitely the location. It is a ton of fun to explore this city as well as other cities in Quebec.

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