Don’t forget to breathe!

Our lives have become so busy;  Busy running the kids to and from activities, busy with errands, busy with work and busy with so many other items on the ‘to-do’ list. This busyness has become a badge of honor for us.  Ask anyone how they are and the answer is generally ‘I am just so busy’ followed by a list of all the committees and projects and kids activities they are involved in.  Busyness in North America has become the cultural norm, but why is that? Are we trying to keep up in order to feel valued and worthy?  Are we afraid to say ‘no’ for fear of disapproval?

It can be a stressful world and when we continue to put ‘others’ needs ahead of our own we become greatly unbalanced. I would suggest that learning to say ‘no’ is an important step in reclaiming our lives but this takes practice and some soul-searching.  Moving from a life that is not dependent on people pleasing and the approval of our peers, towards a life free of un-fulfilling commitments takes time, but reclaiming a balanced life is definitely worth it.

Every decision and goal we make starts with one small action and for today that small action is to do something for ‘you’. It is a small request and the exercise is very simple.  Breathe!

Today I’d like you to close your eyes for 2 minutes, place your hands on your upper abdomen and breathe. Breathe into your abdomen filling it up and releasing the breath.  Notice the motion of your hands as your abdomen expands and relaxes.  If your mind wanders, acknowledge the thought and let it go.  Bring your attention back to your hands, expanding and releasing.

Try this practice throughout the day, be patient and gentle with yourself, change takes time.

For help with the breathing exercise follow with the link below.


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