The Stock Market in the Past Five days?

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How has the stock market done in the past five days? Let’s use our knowledge on indices to help us calculate how it did.

In the past five days the s&p 500 went up about $23.00, meaning that if you were to buy one of the stocks on the s&p 500 you would have made, on average, $23.00. Don’t get too excited yet, between February 22nd and February 24th the s&p 500 dropped about $30 before rising to the amount it is today.

The nasdaq went up more than $25 and the Dow Jones went up about $50. Using this information we could easily estimate that the average stock did go up in the past week, that’s great news for all investors.

That’s all for now, Ben



2 thoughts on “The Stock Market in the Past Five days?

  1. Hi Ben. I’ve been enjoying your posts. If you don’t hear from me, it’s because Word Press keeps telling me that I have to log in to leave a comment. When I do, they tell me that my password isn’t right. I will figure it out one of these days. In the meantime, know that I really like your posts. Thank you, again, both you & Sam for joining us for lunch. I’m sure that you had lots of other things that you could have chosen to do, so I feel really good that I got to spend time with you.

    Xo. AJ



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