Scout & the Gumboot Kids


Scout the mouse sends the Gumboot kids through a series of scavenger hunts to identify clues in nature. The children become mindful of their environment as they search for the clues.  The show encourages children to get outside!! And to explore nature, to be mindful of their environment, and to slow down and notice the sights, sounds and textures in nature.  Each episode introduces a mindful pause with a guided mindful exercise, whether it is to observe, listen, taste, feel, and touch or to be mindful of their friends; the children learn to take a moment to truly become aware of their surroundings.

Created by Eric Hogan and Tara Hungerford, Scout & the Gumboot Kids is a refreshing change in children’s programming. Each episode is a short 5 minutes of lovely mindfulness.

Full episodes are below:

Pause for a moment and check it out!



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