7 of the Greatest Travel Tips I’ve Ever Heard


Take a picture of your luggage before leaving in case it get's lost. mrmoose.ca.png

Imagine you’re in the airport with three bags, two suitcases and one carry on, but when you boarded the plane you had four bags. Wait! You just realized you took a picture of your bags before leaving. You immediately show someone and within minutes you have the missing bag. Taking a picture of your luggage eliminates the pain of loosing some of your luggage. Avoid the pain, always take a picture of your bags before leaving.

eat in hotel room.png

Restaurants are extremely expensive. You wouldn’t think that a few meals would cost much money, but then you decide to get drinks. After a while you aren’t satisfied and everyone orders dessert. Restaurants make all their money by charging tons of money for food that isn’t even guaranteed to be good. Skip the restaurants, instead head to the grocery store for some food that you can eat in your room.

When travelling with two people book a window seat and an aisle seat, mrmoose.ca.png

This may seem like random advice, but actually it’s quite useful. If you book the two surrounding seats, the chances are smaller that another person will sit with you. You’ll have a better chance of getting an extra seat that you can do whatever you want with and you’ll get some extra space.


This tip is pretty obvious but most people don’t use it. Pickpockets are more common than you think, and they’re experts in what they do. You’d be amazed by the genius in some of the tactics they use. The simple solution is to not bring anything with you they could steal When you’re roaming the streets of a foreign city you truly don’t need that much stuff. If you don’t need it, leave it.


This tip is absolute genius. When airports transport luggage they aren’t particularly careful with how they move it, but if you put fragile stickers on your luggage the airport personnel will handle it with extreme care. Your luggage will also end up at the top of all the other luggage resulting in a shorter wait time for your bags at the end of your flight.

Be Ready.png

Airport security takes forever. Being ready before you get to security removes the annoyance. This includes making sure that all metal objects are placed in the trays and that all fluids are ready in small containers. By going through security faster you remove stress from not only yourself, but the people standing in line behind you.

Jet Lag.png

By eating meals at the same time you would in your destination, your body more easily adapts to the jet lag. It may seem hard, but is it really that bad to eat pancakes for dinner?

That’s all for now, Ben


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