Mindfulness and Observation

Children are playing on green meadow

Have you ever watched a child, observed them, with an open heart? Children are a pure delight; they dance through the halls rather than walk. They have conversations with themselves; playing out stories as they move through their day. Children are incredibly creative and inquisitive and they tend to be in the moment as they become completely enraptured in what they do.  The reward is in the execution of the undertaking they are focused on.  As adults our tendency is to be more task oriented, rewarding ourselves only once our list is completed.

The mindfulness exercise today is to take one task on your list and run through it mindfully. While washing the dishes for instance, watch closely as the sink fills with water.  Ask yourself how the water flows through the pipes and out the faucet? Listen to the flow of water as it fills the sink.  As you pour detergent in the sink watch as the bubbles form, listen as they pop.  When you place your hands in the water, how does the water feel on your skin? Is it hot? Pop the bubbles between your hands. Become childlike in performing your chosen task, approach it with mindful attentiveness, becoming truly aware of the process.  As you go through your days take notice of different tasks you usually perform without much attention. How does performing them mindfully alter the experience? You may find your tasks becoming much more interesting.

Be Forever Mindful, Lori


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