Now You See Me

Year: 2013

Rating: PG-13

Director: Louis Leterrier

Running Time: 1:55

Genre: Mystery, Thriller

Now You See Meis a fairly recent movie about four Robin-Hood-Like magicians who must escape the law while doing their incredible magic acts around the United States. I’ve watched the movie quite a few times, and most recently saw it after I heard about the upcoming Now You See Me 2 which will be released this year. Most audiences will absolutely love this movie although certain scenes could be frightening for young children. Now You See Me is the kind of movie that makes you want to watch it over and over again. Every time I watch it I pick up on a new detail that I didn’t see before. The film actually pulls you in and is almost always captivating. The only time that I wished there was more action was just before the ending, but I can’t give too much away without spoiling the movie. This is one of few films on my list of top 50 favourite movies. I’d recommend it to anyone who wants action but also an interesting storyline in every movie they watch.

That’s all for now, Ben

If you’d like to watch the movie now, head to by clicking on the link to the right.


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