Today’s Mindful Moment

For today’s ‘Mindful Moment’ have a pen and paper handy.

Take a moment to observe your breath. Is it fast and shallow or slow and heavy? Take a few deep breaths, slowly breathing in for the count of 5, holding for 5 counts and exhaling for 5 counts and holding the breath for the count of 5.  Do this 5 times.  How are you feeling? Are you feeling more relaxed?  Continue to breathe slowly, Observe your clothes, what colors do you see in the clothes you are wearing, write down every color you see.  Now become creative with the names of the colors, instead of Red write down Fire Engine Red, Poppy Red, Rhubarb, Raspberry blush continue creating names for the colors for 60 seconds.  Now check in with yourself, how are you feeling? My wish is that you are feeling creative, calm and centered.

Embrace the moment!



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