Today’s Mindful Moment

happy-face_veer_3x4Bring your attention inward to your breath. Is it fast and shallow or slow and heavy?  Slowly breathe in for the count of 5, hold for 5 counts and exhale for 5 counts and hold.  Do this 5 times.  Are you feeling more centered?  Continue to breathe slowly as you bring the image of an acquaintance into your mind, someone you may come across during your day, perhaps it is the barista that gives you coffee or the boy that brings you the paper.  Try to observe their face through your mind’s eye.  Try to visualize details of their face, the color of their eyes, perhaps the shade of their hair.   Keep them in your mind as you bring a smile to your face and wish them unconditional happiness, repeat the following:

May you be Happy!

May you be Healthy!

May you be Safe!

May your life be filled with joy!

Check in with yourself, how are you feeling? My wish is that you feel calm, centered and compassionate.

Embrace the moment!



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