The Time has Come – The ACTUAL, Last, Basic Investing Post

Ok. It’s time for the actual last basic investing post. Again, don’t worry, this isn’t my last investing post. It’s just my last basic investing post.

April 1, Don’t Be Discouraged

April 7, Get to Know the CEO

Getting to know the CEO of a company you’re considering investing in is highly important.  Here are some things you should learn about a CEO before investing in their business.

  • Name
  • Age & Birth
  • Birthplace and Where they were Raised
  • Education (University education is the most important.)
  • Previous Occupations
  • Accomplishments
  • And Other Qualification as CEO

April 12 2016, Long Term Debt

Companies with debt can be more dangerous to invest in than companies without debt.

April 15, The Proxy

A Proxy is a way for investors to have a say in the company. When you receive your yearly Proxy report you get to vote on who will be on the BOD (Board of Directors). These people do things like decide who the CEO of the company will be.

April 16, Foundations of a Great Company – Microsoft

April 14, Investment Knowledge

April 27, Drips

Drips are a simple way to get more stocks at a cheaper price by buying them directly from the company.


If you didn’t understand my summaries of the terms above or in my previous post, go to the original post by clicking on the link above the summary.

Below are some great resources for investing. Check them out., This website offers the definitions to 100’s of stock market terms. If there is anything you need clarity on head over there to see a video about the term., I use this website to find stocks that I can CONSIDER investing in. Afterwards I do all my research to find out if it is or is not a good investment.

The News, I’ve talked about this before. The news is a great resource for finding stocks to consider investing in and information on the stocks you own. To see my original post on the news click here.

The Stocks App, This is an app that comes with every iPhone and iPod Touch Apple sells. I’m currently not sure if Microsoft or Android device have a similar app but it is a great place to quickly check on your stocks and things like the Dow Jones.

StockWars, This is a stock market simulator app that I used to prepare for the real thing. I’d recommend using it. It’s 100% free, fun, and easy to use.

Every time I find a stock to consider I print and fill out the below information. I’ve done a ton of these. They are an easy way to collect info on a company you’re considering investing in.

Stock Report For:



General Information:

Company Name:__________________________________________

Ticker Symbol:________________ Index Traded With:____________



Year Founded: ________ Founders: __________________________


Important Information on Founders: ___________________________




Company Headquarters: ____________________________________

Number of Locations (If Applicable): ___________________________

Area Served: _____________________________________________


Number of Employees: _____________________________________

Subsidiaries: _____________________________________________

Company Website: ________________________________________


CEO Information:

CEO Name: _____________________________________________

Age: _____________ D.O.B.: _________________________________

Birthplace: _______________________________________________

Education: _______________________________________________





Other Qualification as CEO: _________________________________



Previous Occupations: _____________________________________



Other Details: ____________________________________________




The Business & it’s Products

Target Audience: __________________________________________

Locations Available: _______________________________________

Company Partnerships: ____________________________________

Past Company Events: _____________________________________


Product Analysis:

Product 1:

Strengths: ______________________________________

Weaknesses: ____________________________________

Product 2:

Strengths: ______________________________________

Weaknesses: ____________________________________


The Numbers:

Stock Price: $ _______ Shares Outstanding: ____________________

Market Cap. $ ____________________________________________

Long-Term Debt: $ ________________________________________

Revenue: $ ______________________________________________

Assets: $ ________________________________________________




I know it looks like a lot of information but when you invest you need to know everything about that business to decide if it’s a good investment or not.

That’s all for now, Ben


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