Today’s Mindful Moment

Observe your breath. Is it fast and shallow or slow and heavy?  Slowly breathe in for the count of 5, hold for 5 counts and exhale for 5 counts and hold.  Do this 5 times.  Are you feeling more centered?  Continue to breathe slowly while observing your hands.  Your hands are an amazing gift, they soothed you as a baby, held the crayon that created your first masterpiece, reached out to brace the fall during your first steps, touched the face of a loving guardian.  Your hands are strong; they have wielded a hammer that has built something.  Your hands are gentle; they have held and soothed a crying child.  Take a moment to fully appreciate the beauty of your hands and the tasks they complete each and every day.

Check in with yourself, how are you feeling? My wish is that you feel calm, centered and appreciative.

Embrace the moment!



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