Jaro Palace Royal Hotel (Quebec City)

I recently stayed in the Palace Royal hotel while on vacation. The room I stayed in had a sofa bed as well as a queen sized bed. The room included a small fridge as well as a fairly large bathroom. The desk space was convenient for anyone who needs somewhere to work and the TV’s in both the main room and the bedroom were great for entertainment purposes. One very interesting part of the hotel was that about half of the rooms had a balcony view of the indoor pool, although for some reason the door to the balcony was locked in my room.

Balcony View of Pool

The hotel featured a very small fitness centre, a tropical garden, and a nice restaurant with a buffet. It was in a great location within walking distance of the wall the surrounds Vieux-Quebec (Old Quebec). The biggest benefit of the hotel was definitely the location. It is a ton of fun to explore this city as well as other cities in Quebec.

If you’d like to see more on the Palace Royal Hotel go to https://www.hotelsjaro.com/palace-royal/en/

That’s all for now, Ben


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