In Hot Water

I got a phone call from my son’s teacher last week. My son had found himself in some hot water and she wanted to give me a heads up.   When my child returned home from school we had a discussion about the phone call.  My son was teary eyed when we talked about the incident and he was sorry for his behavior.  I understood he was remorseful but there would have to be a consequence for his poor judgement and so he was grounded.

But it wasn’t enough to be grounded; I also wanted him to do a little soul searching. I want my son to be aware that his behaviors, good or bad have an impact on others. Enter the mindfulness exercise I had him perform.  Michael Jackson the wise soul that he was performed the amazing song “The Man in the Mirror.”  My son’s exercise was to listen to this song; eyes closed, and pay close attention to the words.  He needed to feel the weight of the songs’ message and write a paragraph on the intention of the song.

My son’s paragraph was insightful and well thought out. Michael helped my son gain some clarity. Listening to this song is a good mindfulness activity.  Close your eyes and listen to the message, I guarantee the experience will be powerful.  We have every right to look after ourselves but we also have the added responsibility to look beyond ourselves to be mindful of those around us and as my son wrote ‘We should be a part of the solution and not a part of the problem.  We have the power to make a change, be mindful how you choose to use that power.’

Be forever mindful, Lori


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